How Animalzone4-U was started!

Helping Families Keep Their Pets.

Hi, my name is Nia. That’s me and my dog, Princess in the picture.

I created AnimalZone4-U to help animal lovers around the world to care for their animals My beautiful golden retriever, Princess, had to be given away after five years, because my family could not afford to care for her any longer due to high medical bills. Princess was sick since she was a puppy, and the medical bills got too high. My family was sad for a very long time. And, then I noticed other family members and friends could not keep their animal, either. And then my grandmother’s sweet little Tibetan spaniel named Tiger had back surgery once in his life, but years later the problem came back. The second surgery was more expensive than the first and my grandmother could not afford the second surgery. Little Tiger was put to sleep. If only my grandmother had the animal card care. Tiger would still be alive and my grandmother would not have been so sad!

One day my Mom was at the vet—the bills were so high---and I remember her saying, “If only animals had a card care.” Well, as a future veterinarian I got right down to business and I thought to myself, “What if I created an animal credit card? This could help solve the problem and people like my family and friends can keep their animals forever!”

So, I decide to start the Animalzone4-U card. If we can get the credit card companies to come on board, pet owners can enjoy a longer relationship with their pets. Pets can have better nutrition, have better healthcare, get training they need, and when the time comes have a decent burial. I just wish something like this could have been around when I had Princess and Tiger. If it had been, you know, they might still be with my family today.

I first started making paper credit cards for my cat, Mr. Kitty. Luckily, my Mom saw what I was doing and said, “Nia you’re really serious about the health care card for animals?”

“Yes, I am.”

I don’t want anyone else to lose their animals because they cannot pay the bill. It is important.


What Clients Say

Because pets can not tell you their impressions

Our Mission

Delivering Important Pet Care Information Worldwide


Our desire is to help pet owners to understand the proper care for all types of animals through their life stages. Allowing more pets to remain with loving families and avoiding unnecessary put-downs.


Meet the Creators of AnimalZone4-U


Christina & Nia
Retired US Navy Commander, Christina graduated from Emory University and Central Michigan University and is an Animal Lover. Nia graduated from Stone Ridge Scared Heart and is a student at Duke University with future endeavors to being a Veterinarian. We created AminmalZone4-U to help animal lovers around the world to care for their animals. We provide information on better nutrition, better healthcare, better payment process, burial and training-animals so they can live a longer healthy life, we believe it’s important for everyone to understand “Animals Lives Matter Too”!!