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cats need proper nutrition


Puppies that chase their tails, are acting similar to babies grabbing their toes. It's a way to explore their bodies. It's not usually a problem unless dogs do it all the time. You might try distracting your pup. If your pup is overly interested in its tail, You shuld consutl your vet about training or medication.

Dogs like to sniff each other, but it's a bit disconcerning with a nose up to someone's crotch! For dogs this is not bad manners. Dogs can get a lot of information about other dogs by sniffing around down there. Obedience training may help to stop this kind of behavior.

Dogs will sometimes scoot or drag their bottoms across the ground after doing their business. But this kind of scoots should not be a daily event. You should see your vet if this happens too often. This kind of scooting could mean impacted anal glands, and that should be treated, or it may be from having a tapeworm.

For many dogs, humping feels good or relieves stress. It's more commonly done by male dogs, but females have been known to do this, too. This is also a sign of dominance when they're humping people. Call them off immediately, and consider behavior training.

Eating Grass
Chewing up lawn may not be tasty to you, but your dog may enjoy it. Dogs sometimes like a little greenery, too. Eating grass, sticks, and even dirt is normal as long as they don't do it too often. If your dog binges on grass, or a lot of dirt, it could be a medical problem (like anemia). Call your vet to check.

Eating Excrement
This is considered quite normal for dogs to eat poop. Before dogs were domesticated, they were scavengers and ate whatever they could find. Their digestive systems work well, so they can get some nutrients out of it. If you catch your pooch in the act, offer a tastier food. You can also mention it to your vet for more advice.

Drooling Your dog salivating when steaks are grilling, is normal. Drooling too much, or for no reason, migth be a sign of a health problem. If your dog drools combined with hiding and chewing it could be a sign of anxiety. Nausea can also cause drooling. Check with your Vet.

Herding There are dogs that were bred to herd animals, like sheep. It is their natrual instinct to move things around. While herding can be normal, it still can be a problem. With training, dogs learn to herd only when you need them to have this skill.

Noise Phobia Thunderstorms or sirens can frighten some dogs and make them anxious. Seek professional help for those noise phobias. You can help your dog learn to relax by doing fun activities with your pet during storms. Talk to your vet for advice.

Paw-Licking Dogs licking their paws is nromal if is to groom themselves. When dogs lick their paws too much, it may be due to an infection or skin allergy. If it appears to be a habit you should talk to your vet to find out the cause so it can be treated.

cats need proper nutrition


What Is "Normal" for Your Cat?

Sleeping all day, chasing shadows all night, getting high on mysterious herbs its normal for a cat.

Face Rubbing
Cats have glands on their cheeks and the corners of their mouths. So when they are rubbing their face on you it is a sign of affection. Rubbing up against your leg or other body part, is how they leave some of their scent on you. This is a compliment from your cat.

Bringing You "Gifts"
Bringing you dead animals is normal. Even when you say, "No, thanks." Cats prowling is a natual instinct for producing dead mice, birds, or lizards. It's best to try and keep your cat inside. Instead, give your cat toys she can hunt for inside. It will give her an outlet for her predator behavior -- and keep wildlife safe.

Eating Plants
Eating small amounts of grass can be nutritious for cats. Too much can have a laxative effect or cause vomiting. Cats that like eating greenery means your houseplants need to be moved. Many species of houseplants are toxic to felines, such as aloe and philodendron, and Easter lilies, which are deadly.

Sleeping All Day
It may seem lazy, but sleeping or lounging around the whole day is a survival trait if you're a cat. Your cat is conserving energy. Cats in the wild hunt during short periods and then rest. House cats diplay similar patterns. Kittens play and eat similar manner, but they will spend most of time at rest.

Your cat means well even though your sweater may get a few snags. Your cat's kneading means she's feeling relaxed, comfortable and secure when she is on your lap and kneading your thigh. Kneading is learned very early anf it is something kittens do while nursing.

Finger Licking
A cat habit of licking your fingers, may have several reasons. Your cat may simply like the taste of your sweat or hand lotion. Licking can be a comforting behavior that is linked to nursing. Licking you excessively may be a sign anxiety that you should discuss with your vet.

Getting High
You have noticed that just pinch of catnip seems to make your cat high. The answer is yes. Chemicals in catnip can produce a response similar to intoxication. Geneticly some cats show an extreme attraction and other cats may show no reaction to it at all. In some cats may even get hallucinations. Catnip is not toxic, but eating large amounts can lead to vomiting or diarrhea.

Sneezing in cats is most often caused by a viral infection picked up from being around other infected cats. However, cats are vulnerable to allergies, sinus irritation, and upper respiratory infections. Symptoms may include sneezing and a runny nose. If sneezing continues for more than a few days, contact your vet.

Playing All Night
Most domesticated cats learn to be active when people are awake, but some cats are naturally more active at night. If your cat seems to me more actie at night, try providing an intense play session and a meal right before bedtime. But if your older cat suddenly stays awake all night, check with your vet this might be a sign of hyperthyroidism.

Avoiding the Litter Box
Is your cat not using the litter box? Many times this means she doesn't like litter the box. To correct this use unscented litter in an uncovered box, and make sure to scoop it at least once a day. It is better to put the box where there isn't not a lot of traffic. You may need try diffrent kinds of litter and have more then one box.

Urine Marking or Spraying
Cats use their urine to mark THEIR domain to other cats. They may do this when there is a conflict with another cat, or they are feeling insecure. It is also done when looking for a mate. To stop the spraying, have your cat neutered or spayed. Use an enzymatic cleaner to remove the odor. If your cat keeps spraying, ask your vet for advice.

Cats scratching is normal. They do when playing, stretch, sharpen their claws, and sometines to mark their domain. It can be bad for your furniture, carpets, and drapes. You can pooisbly save your home by putting different types of scratching posts all around your house. They should be sturdy so they won’t fall over when your cat starts scratching. You can intereest you cat by rubbing them with catnip or hanging toys on them.

Playing Rough
Cats play is full pouncing, swating, scratching, and biting. The play scratches and bites still hurt! Channel your cat’s energy, with toys like balls or a fake mouse for batting. A paper bag can give her hours of pouncing fun. It's never good to encourage a kitten to play with your hands or feet.

Separation Anxiety
Cats are very social and like it when you're around. When left alone they may become noisy or spray your house. Try ignoring your cat 15-20 minutes before you leave and repeat this when you return. You can also leave out some of cat's favorite toys and put them away when return. If you play with your cat regularly it will burn extra energy so your cat will rest when alone. If you still need help, tell your vet. They may recommend other tactics or medication.